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Please report any concerns you have relating to HS2 which affect you. Any photos that can be sent would make it crystal clear to the Helpdesk of the current issues.


or phone : 08081 434 434


HS2 Updates for Residents 

 Update 15th May 2021

Update 20th Feb 2021 

HS2 in Hints - Update 19th December 2020

 SCC ICC Submission 14th January 2021 

SCC Covering Letter 14th January 2021 



HS2 Notice - Hints footpath closure 

A38 Slip Road Closure Streethay 15 months 

HS2 Notification_Slip road closure Streethay 

Notice of A38 overnight SB closures at Streethay_June 22 

Notice of Packington Moor Farm Knox Grave Lane 1 

Notice of overnight closures on A5 Hints Bypass 

Bangley Lane closure June 22 

Hints Cutting June 22 

BBV - Hints Drop-In Flyer 

A38 closure dates letter_April 22 

Notice of A38 overnight closures 

Lichfield Virtual Dropin Flyer 

 Hints with Canwell Parish Briefing - BBV HS2 Update - 15 March 2022

Updated notice of A5 April traffic management  

HS2 Notice of overnight closures on A5 Hints Bypass  

Bangley Lane April 22 

Notice of survey work on Flats Lane 

Notice of A5 traffic management_March 22 

Notice of Rock Hill Hints lane closure 

Hints Bridleway 4 temporary diversion POSTER 

Notice of temporary PRoW diversion_Hints Bridleway 4 

HS2 Notice of works Rookery Lane - Hints  

10.01.22 Update from BBV 

 Notice of A5 Hints Bypass overnight and lane closures FINAL Jan22 

Notice of A5 Hints Bypass Dec 2021 FINAL 

HS2 Notice of Ground Investigation Surveys - January 2022 

/WP070 - Bangley Lane _November 2021 

HS2 - Online community event - Environment 

A5 notification_DEC 21 FINAL  


Watling Street - temporary lane closure Nov 2021 JW FINAL 

HS2 Notification - HP23 - Rookery Lane Hints - works completion notice October 2021 

HS2 Notice - Temporary closure of Rookery Lane  

A5 Layby closure Oct 2021 FINAL 



BBV Update - 14 September 2021 

BBV - Hints and Canwell Drop-In Flyer 

Cadent Update for 6th Sept 21 

HS2 Notification - Rookery Lane Hints - HP23 venting - August September 2021 

HS2 Notice of Ground Investigation Surveys in Hints and Canwell Parish 

A5 GI works Sept 2021 FINAL JW 

Rookery Lane Hints - footpath closure and diversion August 2021 

2021-07-09 Cadent Update 

Meeting Invite - Hints archaeology July 27 

WP 070 - A453 Sutton Road TM_V1 

24-06-21 Explanation on why Cadent and LM cant share access 

Local Authority Report April 2021 

 A5 GI works June 2021

 Watling Street Topograph surveys July 2021

Phase 2 Update webinars 

Knox Graves Lane June 2021  

HS2 Notice of Archaeology Works extension - Rookery Lane Hints  

HS2 Notice of Temporary Road closure Jerrys Lane June 2021 

Notice of Routewide Ecological Surveys 

HS2 works notification - Notice of traffic management on A5 Hints Bypass_May2021 

HS2 Notification A5 GI works June 2021  

HS2 Notification - HP23 - Rookery Lane Hints - tunnelling works May 2021 

Bangley Lane Archaeology - Topsoil Sampling With Route 

HS2 Notification A5 temporary overnight lane closures  

Archaeology Works extension - Rookery Lane Hints Apr 21 

Cadent Rookery Lane Hints - April 2021 FINAL 30 04 2021 

A5 Hints Bypass_March2021 

Lichfield Road April 2021 

Shaw Lane Closure 

Wood End Lane Archaeology April 

HS2_AW Notification_Bangley_Lane_April_2021 

Bangley Lane Archaeology Topsoil Sampling 

Updated HS2 Notice of Ground Investigation Surveys -March 2021 

HS2 Notice of Ground Investigations in Swinfen and Packington March 2021 

HS2 Phase 2a Royal Assent 

HS2 Notification - HP23 - Rookery Lane Hints - main works notice April 2021  

HS2 works notification - Notice of traffic management on A5 Hints Bypass_March2021 

 Residents Questions for HS2 9th Mar 21 meeting 

2021_02 February_Bangley Lane closure  

Cadent Pipeline Diversion Notification March 21 

Rookery Lane Archaeology Works March 21 

 Feb 21 Watling St Traffic Management 

HS2 Phase 2a receives Royal Assent 

HS2 Phase 2A Consultation 

Ground Investigation Surveys Feb 2021  

Traffic Management Rock Hill 8-12 Feb 2021 

 Cadent Presentation to Council Meeting 19th Jan 21 

Residents Questions for HS2 19th Jan 21 meeting 

Rookery Lane tree planting 14th Jan 21 

17th Nov 20 HS2 Presentation 

Shaw Lane Temporary Traffic Lights (added 19.12.20) 

A5 Hints Bypass (added 19.12.20) 

Works on Bangley Lane (added 18.12.20) 

NOW REINSTATED: public right of way Hints 11 near Lichfield Jan 21

Archaeology Bangley Lane Oct 2020 

Homeowner Payment Scheme guidance and application form

Rural Supportzone Schemes guidance and application form

Route-wide Community Update

Royal Assent - Useful Information March 2017

Flats Lane Notification 

Notice of Works Hints Archaeology 

New Heading Text